Dental Coverage for Your Business

iSmile Direct membership is a free benefit for your employees, at no cost to you! It’s a valuable employee benefit that doesn’t cost you a thing—all you need to do is sign up, and your employees will have access to reduced rates at Chicagoland’s top dental offices.

Business Dental Coverage

20-40% Savings on Dental Care

As members of the iSmile Direct program, your employees will have access to a growing network of dentists, who provide excellent care at significantly discounted prices. These savings range from 20-40%, depending on which treatments are needed.

Participating iSmile Direct dental offices offer morning, evening, and weekend appointments, so your employees can get the care they need outside of traditional business hours. With a network of locations in the Chicagoland area, chances are there’s an iSmile Direct location near your office and close to your employees’ homes.

Since iSmile Direct is an insurance alternative, it’s much easier to manage. Members will pay a discounted rate when they visit the dentist, without any of the headaches or paperwork associated with traditional insurance.

Dental insurance alternative

iSmile Direct is a Great Dental Insurance Alternative for:

  • Family Owned Businesses
  • Consultancy Groups
  • Service Industry Organizations
  • Businesses with Part-Time Employees
  • Freelance or Contract Workers
  • Local Professional Services Agencies
  • Internet Startups and Technology Firms
  • Independent Retailers (Brick and Mortar or E-Commerce)
  • Arts, Entertainment, and Creative Groups
  • Organizations with Seasonal Workers
  • Non-Union Laborers and Skilled Trades

Employer dental insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will dental coverage cost me?
Nothing! Our business memberships are free to you and your employees.

Do I need to provide dental coverage to my employees?
While it’s not a requirement, studies have shown that offering access to employer-sponsored benefits leads to happier employees and higher retention rates. Group dental insurance plans can be expensive, so iSmile Direct is a great cost-saving alternative.

Why is dental coverage important?
In addition to improving employee satisfaction, providing dental coverage impact’s your bottom line. Studies have linked oral health issues to other health problems, which can cost you money and lost productivity. Helping your employees receive proper dental care, which helps maintain their overall health, reduces absenteeism.

Why choose iSmile Direct over other programs?
iSmile Direct is available to you and your employees at NO COST! By simply enrolling in our discount program, your employees will have access to major discounts from our highly-experienced network of dentists, who undergo an extensive credentialing process and participate regularly in continuing education courses to stay at the top of their field.

Get dental coverage for your small or medium business now! Your employees will thank you. Contact us directly for access to this free benefit: or 833-476-4533.